About us

We are a Team of enthusiastic, purpose driven business people with decades of combine experience in retail store ownership, sales and marketing, investing, business ventures and more.

While working together on Delivery Basics App & Business development during Covid 19, many things have shaped the way we buy our everyday essentials today!

As it is with any crisis, Big businesses always grow bigger while the market for individual business gets smaller, shutting down or displacing many of them in their path to grow their market share.

It is almost 2022 and while there are dozens of delivery Apps for the franchised businesses, the Big Box Stores and the Supermarket Chains providing delivery and pickup orders for your convenience, at Delivery Basics our focus is to bring you closer to your neighborhood Mom and Pop Stores helping them provide you the services you want but from the people you know! Buy Local Online at the same price as in Stores on the DB App where merchants know your name and where all orders are prepared with love and delivered by your local neighborhood stores personnel!