FAQ´s Merchant

What is Delivery Basics?

Delivery Basics is an All -in-one Online Marketplace & Platform created to help Neighborhood Stores like yours increase their sales and earn new customers everyday by offering Delivery and/or Pickup services

 How long does it take to get started?

delivery basics From joining until your store is ready to sell online it could take as little as 48 hours or up to a couple of weeks depending on different factors like the variety and quantity of products your store has.

delivery basics Delivery Basics will assign you a dedicated Merchant Associate to help you set up your store..

Who does the deliveries?

delivery basics Stores and their staff are in charge of selecting, packing and delivering all orders received through Delivery Basics.

Who determines my delivery radius, hours of operation and minimum order amount ?

delivery basics You determine them. Our system allows you to tailor these settings to your specific needs. Some stores in big metropolitan areas will deliver within a fraction , 0.20 of a mile for example, and deliver by foot to their closest clients while others located in SubUrban areas will deliver 10 miles out.

If my Store has limited personnel, can I limit my delivery services to 1 or 2 per hour, so we can timely deliver the orders?

delivery basics Yes, you can set your delivery and pickup frequencies so you will never receive more orders than your store can handle.

Can I apply discounts to specific products?

delivery basics Yes, when loading up a product you can apply a discount of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, etc.

Can I mark products as vegan, organic, gluten free, etc...?

delivery basics Yes, when loading up a product you can choose specific product attributes.

How does DB handle sales tax?

delivery basics As a Marketplace Facilitator and through our integration with TaxJar, all sales taxes are calculated and submitted on our Merchants behalf.

How much does delivery cost?

delivery basics Delivery fee is set at $4.99 of which $2.00 goes to the Merchant, $2.00 goes to DeliveryBasics & $0.99 goes towards marketing and social media advertising to drive sales to our Merchants.

How much does pickup cost?

delivery basics Pickup fee is $1.99 and goes to Delivery Basics.

How do I get paid?

delivery basics Like your current POS, Delivery Basics's POS (Stripe) will credit your payments directly to your business connected Bank account.

How often do I get paid?

delivery basics As a Merchant you can choose to receive daily or weekly payments, we’ll set them up accordingly with your preference.

How do I share the DB User App with my store clients?

delivery basics Sharing the DB App is very easy and simple. Just click on the Share button and you will be able to share a link with all your phone contacts, by email, text and through social media.

Do I receive anything for sharing the App with my clients?

delivery basics Yes, if your clients input your Merchant Referral Code when creating their account, you’ll receive $0.25 per order placed by them at any Store on Delivery Basics for 5 years.

Can I set my store offline when I go on vacation?

delivery basics Yes, you can switch on and off in your settings.

Do we pay for the DB branded paper bags

delivery basics Yes, You’ll buy DB paper bags at wholesale price ($0.15 per bag/ 250 Ct per box) plus shipping. Just click on Supplies on the bottom right corner of your App. As a DB Merchant you’ll get reimbursed the full cost ($0.15 per bag) with every order. .

How can I purchase DB Electric Delivery Bikes?

delivery basics You can purchase them on your Merchant App, click on Supplies and find them in DB Tools and Merchandise Store. At check out you can choose to pay them in full and receive 25% discount or make 3 or 6 payments.

If we have any questions or concerns, who do we contact?

delivery basics You can send us a message from your App, click on Help in your Settings or email us at: merchantsupport@deliverybasics.com

delivery basics You can also contact your dedicated Merchant Associate.

How much does it cost to join Delivery Basics as a Merchant?

delivery basics The first Year if FREE and only $99 per year thereafter

As a Merchant, do we pay a Commission and/or a Service Fee?

delivery basics No, Delivery Basics charges NO Commissions (0%) and no service fees to it’s Merchants.

Are there any fees that a Merchant is responsible for?

delivery basics Yes, the POS online payment processing fee.

delivery basics Stripe’s 2.99% + $0.30 per transaction fee, is the only fee that our merchants are responsible for.